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The problem

I worked for a fashion brand for a year while I was in university. It was a small team of around 10 people. I got to witness the product development process from idea through to production. Today I work at a technology startup and it’s occurred to me that the our product development cycled is much different. The tools that supports technology product development make the fashion industry look like they are stuck in the dark ages.

The fashion design process I witnessed in school looked something like this:

  • Search for inspiration for an upcoming season (pinterest, magazines, google)

  • Print or cut up all photographs and pin them up

  • Sketch ideas on paper and pencil

  • Review sketches in person

  • Take notes on paper

  • Turn sketches into designs in illustrator

  • Save Illustrator file to Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Review designs in person

  • Mark down comments on post-it notes

  • Create a tech pack as a PDF (guide for manufacturers)

  • Staple pieces of fabric to the tech-pack

  • Request a sample from a manufacturer

Once a line sheet is published/printed it’s out of date because things change so fast.
— Buyer at Garage