Show Notes App

Show Notes App


The problem

I love podcasts. They have a magical ability to educate and entertain. They are a great way to experience stories, opinions and news. They’re also a great way to find new inspiration for reading, watching and learning. The problem is that as a listener, there’s no simple way to find these resources that hosts are discussing or to capture them to consume later.

Say you’re listening to Serial (the most downloaded podcast of all time) and the host starts talking about how close or far the cellular towers were from the scene of the crime. Some listeners might want to visualize that, and if you’re one of them you’re in luck because the host has prepared a visual aid on the show’s website. But how would you know? They might mention it at the end of the show and if you’re lucky they might link to it in the “show notes” but it won’t be there when they’re discussing the facts of the cell towers.

Let’s pretend you’re listening to the Joe Rogan Podcast, and as he does many times, he pulls open a Youtube video to show and discuss with the guest. Often as a listener, I wish I could watch that video as I’m listening to the podcast so that I can know exactly what they’re discussing and be in on the joke. Other times I might prefer to bookmark the video for later so I can come back to it or learn more.

The solution

With the help of millions of podcast listeners out there, we can crowdsource the articles, videos and books that podcast hosts talk about, adding them to the episode attached with a timestamp of where the topic arises. That way other listeners will be able to see these resources while they are listening and read, watch or bookmark them for later.

Key features

  • Adding a link to an episode

  • Viewing a link to an episode

  • Bookmarking a link in an episode

  • Viewing all my bookmarks

  • Viewing all my contributions

  • Voting reddit-style on a link 👍/ 👎